OBIEE Step by Step Guide

December 1, 2009

OBIEE Rookie FAQ Answered

How do I create a outer join in OBIEE physical layer?

You dont. You will create the join type in the Business Layer. Always use a Foreign Key join when connecting tables in Physical Layer and Complex Join when doing it in Business Layer.

How do I create an alias to a table in physical layer?

Right Click the original table. Choose “New Object” and choose “Alias”. The mistake most people make is try to bring in the same table again and rename it or choose “Duplicate” by right clicking the original table.

What is a federated query? How does OBIEE develop these federated queries?

Federated queries are queries where data is being brought from multiple databases and consolidated/joined in the business layer/logical layer. OBIEE does this quite a lot no matter where the data is. All it needs is a relation between the tables coming from muliple databases.

What is in-memory query? How to implement this in OBIEE?

I dont think OBIEE does in-memory queries. It does compensate for this by using features like caching. Also, caching being present in two places for OBIEE like presentation cache and server cache.

How will you make a table act as fact table in OBIEE business layer? This is in regard to a 3rd normal form based data model where there are no facts and no dimensions.

I will leave this to readers of this blog to keep thinking for the next week or so and I will update the answer next week 🙂 If you need a little early, comment it on the blog.

When the data exists in different schema of Oracle than what logged in OBIEE and when “Update Row Count” is done in physical layer, there is an error. How do you rectify this?

No matter which schema the data exists in, the “Update Row Count” can be executed. This was a bug in and before. This was fixed in and later.

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