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January 12, 2010

BI Publisher Accessing Reports Using URL

What does the report URL format look like when a report is published using BI Publisher? is the web server.

9999 is the port no that’s enabled

Xmlpserver is default for all installations.

‘Executive/Salary Reporting’ is the directory folder structure for the report. Remember that spaces in folder’s path are replaced with ‘+’ not ‘%20’.

‘Salary Report.xdo’ is the report name. ‘xdo’ extension is common for all BI publisher reports.

How do you specify parameters that you want to pass to a BI Publisher report from an URL?

For example: %2FSalary+Report.xdo&dept=10&_xt=Standard&_xf=html

Anything after ‘.xdo’ is of interest to this because that’s where we would start sending in our parameters as part of URL.


Note the following standard URL syntax:

? – denotes the first parameter

& – denotes each additional parameter

The BI Publisher parameters are as follows:

_xpf – required string for internal use

_xpt – defines whether to render the report in the full BI Publisher window (as above), or to render just the report document.

Valid values are

• 0 – uses the BI Publisher window

• 1- renders just the document

_xdo – (optional) provides the path to the current report

dept – this is a parameter specific to the report as defined in the report definition. In

this case the department for the data. Notice it takes the department ID. The parameter

definition is to show the user the department name and then pass the ID to the query.

You can have multiple parameters and their values in the URL.

_xt – this controls the template to be used. This is the template name, not the template

file name. In this case, the template name is “SalaryTemplate”.

_xf – this controls the format of the output to be generated.

Valid values are same as for the report: pdf, html, excel, rtf, or data.

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