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October 5, 2009

OBIEE Startup and Shutdown Scripts Bypass UAC

Having no other go than proceeding to work with OBIEE on a Windows Vista Machine, I wanted to use my regular scripts that I had from before to start and shut down OBIEE services automatically.

Hope you remember the order in which OBIEE services have to be started.

First, the java host, then comes the biserver and then the presentation services.

As you try to run these scripts by double clicking them on Vista Enterprise machines, nothing starts up. This, once again, has to be started as “Run As Administrator”. Then you will hit with the “UAC” screen where you just have to click on “OK” again. Finally, it started to frustrate me a little bit and started to look around on bypassing UAC.

This link, finally, helped me bypass UAC set ups and the link points to a reliable software provider “Norton”.

oops.. you need the link .. dont you? Here it is

This really made my life easy…

One more to make over here is that when you double click on your startup/shutdown scripts, they wont start on Vista machine. Better create a shortcut for each of these scripts and right click select Properties, Go to “Shortcut” tab on the top, click “Advanced” button and check “Run as Administrator” checkbox.


When the UAC control popup comes up for the first time from Norton, Choose “remember this choice for next time” and say “Allow”. This is one time setting and thats better than always going through UAC.



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