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August 6, 2011

OBIEE 11g Refreshing User GUIDs Process Flow

Just started with a OBIEE installation recently and once again, I am enthused to start blogging again with some useful tips, links and my weird experiences with OBIEE tool. Well, if its straight forward, why would someone pay you to get this done 🙂

Once you start developing online changes to your rpd in OBIEE 11g, you most probably already started to think that it would be nice to restart the opmn process to keep everything clean. Back in 10g, we used to do this quite often when we make changes.. remember those good old days or shall we say way toohard development days.

Now, this constant clean and restart of opmn process which triggers the restart of our obiee services like biserver, bipresentation, biclustercontroller, bischeduler and so on.. to see what what gets restarted and see the status of your services, we always use opmnctl status command.

Output of sample opmnctl status command

When the server is restarted, you get this crazy error saying that the path has been changed and you dont have access to the dashboard layout as shown below

When looked into the presentation services diagnostics, this is what you will find out

Now, follow the steps as mentioned below but also review the steps mentioned in this oracle link

1. Make changes to instanceconfig.xml file
2. Make changes to nqsconfig.ini file
3. Restart the opmn process using opmnctl stop and then opmnctl start. Remember that these following steps should be executed from command line not from Enterprise Manager.
4. Remember when this is done, presentation services will not come alive when opmnctl status is executed
5. Revert your changes in the file mentioned in step 2
6. Restart your opmn process as in step 3
7. Revert your changes in the file mentioned in step 1
8. Restart your opmn process as in step 3
9. Now, chances are your presentation services will fail. But, go into Enterprise Manager and start the presentation services. It works with a restart.

Click on restart button highlighted in yellow.

10. Look into the presentation services log and observe that the guids have actually reverted to old guids.
11. Log into analytics website and you are back in business.

Following these steps would be nice. But what would be even more productive is automate this using shell scripts or windows scripts depending on your server os.

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