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November 2, 2009

Installing GSKit for OBIEE SSL

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When SSL has to be implemented as part of your OBIEE implementation, GSkit is needed.

Lets look at how and where we can find all the necessary components and step by step installation instructions..

Open your repository using Administrator tool and from the top menu go to Tools –> Options –>Repository tab and find the entry for the Key File Name.


GSkit, for some reason that came with 10.1.3.x version OBIEE, still uses JDK 1.5 and is not compatible with JDK1.6. So, install JDK 1.5 onto your machine.

Create a System Variable JAVA_HOME that points to your JDK 1.5 installation.

Now, find out where setup.iss file is located in your GSkit installtion folder. GSkit is part of OBIEE installation. It is found under //Server_Ancillary/IBM_GSK/ When you unzip this file, setup.iss file is located under //gskit7-windows/gskit.

Do not start setup.exe by clicking on the icon as if this is a typical windows installation.

Open the readme.txt file that comes as part of gskit installation.. Its has the instructions on how to setup the gskit and generate the key file.

Lets take a glimpse at it.


As is said in the readme.txt file, lets open a command prompt and run the following command

setup OBI  –f1”setup_file_location\setup.iss”

Remember that there is a space between the end of OBI and the dash before f1.  Remember that OBI is the name of my application. See Readme.txt for more info. There is no space between the 1 and the quotation mark in the above command.. I lost a lot of valuable time because of this and want to ensure noone else looses their time 🙂

See the “setup_file_location” in the above command. Replace that with the path for setup.iss folder. If the setup.iss file is found on the C:\ drive, better have your command prompt changed to C drive.

There should not be any big issues from now on and runs pretty fast. Just follow the guided installation clicking “Next” on each screen.

More info on gsKit can be found at

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