OBIEE Step by Step Guide

October 19, 2009

OBIEE Services Sequence

Never heard from Oracle that its always better to follow a particular sequence while starting your OBIEE services? Guess what, its always better to start them in a particular sequence for both your development env or your production env? Why is this important?

This is important in some ways because this helps in clearing the server cache, web cache and also helps you test your latest changes you made.

Anyways.. whats the order? Here you go..

1. Oracle Java Host
2. OC4J
3. Oracle BI Server
4. Oracle Presentation Services
5. Oracle BI Scheduler

I have seen people who had success when the # 2 on this list i.e. OC4J has been started after Presentation Services. Does it work? Yes, Of Course. Does it create any problems? Nope.. You are good.

Similarly, while shutting down use the opposite sequence i.e Oracle BI Scheduler first.. followed by Oracle Presentation Services and so on.

See my Startup and Shutdown Scripts posting to understand how to start these automatically.

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