OBIEE Step by Step Guide

September 6, 2011

DAC Server as a Windows Service

We have seen so many blogs talking about using java service as a method to start the DAC server. It does involve adding a bunch of jar files as part of the class path and running the service. It works and is all great but the jar files that are part of the class path are not default jar files that are installed as part of your DAC software installation. While this is the only way to start the DAC server if you are on *nix based systems, for wintel based servers which hosts the DAC server, you can use the good old Task Scheduler to start the service as a startup service.

This demo uses Windows 2008 server to show you the creation of service that can automatically call the startserver.bat file which is used for instantiating the DAC server manually.

Location of DAC Server startserver bat file: D:\orahome\10gR3_1\bifoundation\dac

Now create a task inside task scheduler. Type task scheduler in your start menu search and it will show up. Double click the Task Scheduler program that showed up.

Once the Task Scheduler program opens up, Click on ‘Create Task’ in the Actions pane. See the arrow below.

In the new window that opens up, give the task a name like “StartDACserver” and see that it starts using highest privileges available. Even better, set up a seperate system account to start this service. Also make sure this starts as the wintel server boots up i.e. as a startup service.

Click on Triggers tab and click on New button.

In the new window that opened up, choose the trigger as ‘At startup’ from the dropdown.

In the Actions tab, choose action as ‘Start a Program’ and Program/Script as the batch file. Also, choose the Start in and fill that with the batch script location as identified. Though the start up is optional, fill that with the location of your batch file otherwise you would receive errors. Credits to DannyBGood for his suggestions here (

Choose the options under Conditions tab and Settings tab per your requirements.

Once this is done, you are good to go and DAC Server will start up as the Wintel server starts up.

Look at the event viewer to see whether the task has restarted successfully. If you ever need to edit/delete the task, go to Task Scheduler main screen and go to ‘Active Tasks’ screen as shown here. Highlight the task and double click on the options, you get the options to edit/delete the task.

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